Welcome to the Team Reconnect Retreat on the beautiful island of Mallorca

Who is this program for?  

It is for teams who struggle with communication, active listening, responsibilities, honesty, empathy, collaboration, awareness, mental fitness, adaptation, or work efficiency. 
Teams that struggle with what “TEAMWORK” actually is and therefore struggle with working together cohesively towards a common goal, supporting each other by combining individual strengths for the good of the team.
Only you and your team members know what struggles you have been through and what you can improve. The list has endless possibilities.
What is the purpose? 
The purpose is to allow your team to synergize while addressing some of the key issues that are holding them back from unlocking their true potential. Offering your team daily morning “Interactive Sessions” hosted by our own international team coach, Chris MacBrien, and then allowing them the chance to explore together on this amazing island.
The increased contact between colleagues in the “Interactive Sessions” and daily “Exploring/Playing Activities” will offer your team members a unique opportunity to meet with their remote team members and/or their office partners in a more personal way. Increasing morale, productivity, and engagement while helping them to:
A) Communicate more effectively and consciously
B) Empower themselves and others
C) Embrace and come back from failure and loss
D) Understand the importance of Mental Fitness and Wellness
Thus establishing greater trust and transparency and creating a place of “psychological safety” for the team members. This is when status quo busting starts and innovation begins.

Why are “Interactive Sessions” so important? 

Because they help people see each other beyond business roles, social masks, and job specifications, which will contribute to more effective communication and unlock your team´s true potential in a more relaxed environment.
These sessions will encourage the team members to determine what they believe are the most important topics that are significant to your company’s culture and overall success.
It´s about bringing your team members’ ideas, information, responsibilities, creativity, and tasks together which are the priority of good leadership and great teams.
Why are “Play Activities” crucial to your team’s success?
Playtime for adults is critical in our stressful lives and is been shown to release endorphins, improve brain functionality, stimulate creativity and generate innovative ideas.
A common factor in all these playful activities and events is that they boost employees’ emotional states. Positive emotions represent a very relevant factor contributing to success in all work endeavors.
More than ever people and teams need time for their “Mental Fitness” and space to clear their minds to find their purpose again. To figure out what has changed and to get their mental health back in order.

Time to play on Mallorca!

 Why Mallorca? Because it is inspirational in itself

Palma is the capital of the Balearic Islands and Mallorca is the big island.
Combining culture, gastronomy, and solid tourism awareness, the island is much more than the perfect Instagram beaches we can find on the internet.

The inner part of the island offers UNESCO World Heritage places, wineries and picturesque villages, local traditions, and very tasty cuisine, making Mallorca a unique place to discover.

With a high number of very well-equipped hotels and venues, this infrastructure makes Mallorca the perfect location for business in a relaxed environment, where training your staff, launching a new product, or rewarding your team has never been more natural and accessible.

A destination where novelty and exclusivity shine at their best combining the authenticity of the local culture, surprising historical places, and breathtaking landscapes. Here, delivering lifetime memories comes with the territory.
We look forward to personally hosting your team and to help them become the best team possible.

Play Video

Some of the Team Play Activities

By combining “Play Activities” with daily “Interactive Sessions” we will create a much healthier relationship among the team members which will make them more productive and efficient.

Teamwork cannot be a preference, it must be a requirement. “ A player who makes a team great is more valuable than a great player. Losing yourself in the group, for the good of the group – That´s teamwork” – John Wooden.

Combining playful activities with the morning interactive sessions is what this retreat is all about. The common factor in all of our playful activities is that we boost employees’ emotional states, thus contributing to the success of all work endeavors.


Jeep Safari

Sailing experience in the Mediterranean

Wine-tasting experience

Valldemossa Visit

Visit at La Granja (Traditional Mallorcan Manor House)

The Team Founders

Our team is unique. We came together believing that we could offer the corporate events world something more personal. Something that allows your team to interact both professionally and personally, leaving the participants with a new sense of what defines a team and the importance that each member brings.

Combining our talents and expertise in Coaching, Team Building, Marketing, Networking, and Events, we offer a highly personalized service for the good of the team.

We believe that team building and development is a continuous journey. It is about making adjustments that are unique to each team. When done correctly it can deliver real and significant performance benefits.

“The strength of a team is each member. The strength of each member is the team.” Phil Jackson

Iunia Dumitrascu – A natural born life enthusiast. The power of creativity and professional calling to singularity, together with the need of inspiration and daily evolution, while enjoying every moment of my work, define her as a professional and as a human.

Master in Business Administration in the Tourism Industry, University Degree in Tourism and Economy. Work experience in all type of private business and organisms from the tourism industry, from hotel management, sales and distribution to destination management and territory planning. Specialized in MICE, product development, project management and sales strategy has worked for important brands as Hilton, Melia Hotels International, Valencia Region Tourism Council. As an experienced event planner, she has collaborated with big companies as Coca Cola, Hilti, Saucony, ITV, Sky Group, Salesforce etc and different event agencies, managing events from the scratch.

She believes that the MICE industry needs to take a step further in the use of technology, integrating it as a natural attribute, in all phases of planning and managing an event.

In an industry as dynamic and versatile as tourism, the meetings and events have spent too much time offline and it is time to take advantage of the digital environment to share knowledge and optimize the event management.

Chris MacBrien – For over thirty years he has supported individuals and teams as a camp director, high school history/politics teacher and athletic director, college basketball coach, and notably, as an educational consultant working with 750 private schools in the US helping them to build their faculty teams for over twenty-two years.

He is well known on United States university campuses as a recruiter, interviewer, and coach and has helped over 8,000 people achieve their professional goals. He conducted professional sessions at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, Columbia Teachers College, Brown University, Princeton University Teacher Prep, and the Spanish Ministry of Education, as well as being a guest presenter at the National Association of Independent Schools Conference (NAIS), titled “Thinking Outside the Box”.

Chris is a multi-culturalist who has lived in the United States, Jamaica, and Spain. Since the late 1960´s when his parents first introduced him to travel, he has always had a great appreciation for other cultures. “When we can work with and understand different people’s and their customs we gain a more complete view of what things are out there for us to learn so that we can apply them to our own personal and professional lives.”

Since moving to Spain in 2009, Chris has leveraged all of his experiences and has continued his commitment to serving others as a coach and mentor offering authentic and personalized service for professionals, teams, and students.

Ana Mihaila – has lived in three different countries and travelled the world. She is an expert in creating and developing teams & communities.

She has studied in London at Westminster College after finishing her degree in the University of Bucharest in Management. Over the past 17 years, she has met over 30k people and has organized bespoke online and offline events, such as training, seminars, team buildings, and  conferences. She is a natural networker creating unique bridges between people.

Since 2010 she has developed The European Business Institute and Mindset Owners Club which were created for professionals and business people to meet, interact and exchange real experiences.

She was the captain of her volleyball team for many years which is where she understood the first steps in managing and building a team for the greater good.

Ana has moved to Mallorca from the UK about five years ago to fulfil one of her dreams of working in the shade of a palm tree on the beach.

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